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Qualitative Research

Qual EASE has an extensive track record in organizing, managing, and analyzing qualitative data for NIH and PCORI funded research projects.

Qualitative, Evaluation And Stakeholder Engagement (Qual EASE) Research Services

Qual EASE is directed by national qualitative expert and principal investigator Megan Hamm, PhD, who works individually with you on integrating qualitative methods into your research grant design. Qual EASE then provides all needed qualitative services from data collection and analysis, to your final deliverables. As part of the Data Center, we seamlessly integrate your qualitative data analysis into your larger project.

Qual EASE is staffed by PhD-trained collaborators and dedicated, highly experienced qualitative researchers. We are committed to facilitating your qualitative research project from the grant design stage through publication with a range of services that are accountable, reliable, timely and excellent.


Qual EASE is staffed with experienced PhD collaborators and grant developers with a proven track record of securing NIH and PCORI research funds. We can manage and conduct your qualitative research project from start to finish, or we can tailor our services to your needs by selecting from the following options:

  • Faculty PI consultation on study design, conceptualization and grant development
    • Study design and conceptualization
    • Grant writing
    • Comprehensive qualitative budgets
  • Trained supervised staff for interview and focus group data collection
    • Interview and focus group script development
    • Interviews and focus groups conducted and supervised by trained and experienced interviewers and moderators
  • Verbatim professional transcription services, supervised for accuracy
    • Transcriptions tailored to the needs of the investigator. Services include supervision for accuracy and quality control.
  • In-Depth qualitative coding with intercoder reliability
    • Extensive and in-depth codebook development by PhD-trained experts
    • Team-based qualitative coding enriched by qualitative computer software programs
    • Robust intercoder reliability approach using Kappa statistical calculations
  • Qualitative data management and analysis
    • Management of qualitative data through creation of project-specific databases
    • Integration into final data plan
  • Faculty PI and PhD-produced deliverables for reports and manuscripts
    • Development of methods and results for final reports and manuscripts

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