Our Work

Pitt CMU iTM

Developed infrastructure allowing any study to connect to data, images and videos of the inner ear captured with an otoscope attachment on an iPhone. The iOS app was developed by Onsumaye and we worked closely with them to develop the app forms and functionality as well as integrate our web data management systems with the data.



The Pitt-CMU iTM project is a collaborative effort to develop technologies and tools allowing faster and more accurate diagnoses of inner ear afflictions. These can then be used for any study utilizing inner ear images and a way to record data for them.

Role of the Data Center

Our original role was to develop a web form that could capture images and video of the inner ear via a connected otoscope. The images and videos were integrated into a web form allowing physicians to see them and enter data pertaining to their evaluation of them.

For the second version, a third party contractor developed an iOS app that allows the images and videos to be captured using an iPhone with an otoscope attachment. The same data entry form was also integrated into the app and we worked with the app developers to ensure they mirrored our web version. We also managed all of the database connectivity for the app and tied it all together so there would be one dataset for all studies no matter which tool they used to capture images, video, and data.

The third version now incorporates AI to read the images and videos then provide a diagnosis based on set parameters. A third party AI developer implemented that technology and we are managing all of the data integration for all three collection methods.


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